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Step 1

Download our WatchFree HDTV app & Open The App on your mobile device.

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Step 2

Go to the room where the Antenna will be installed.


Step 3

Is the Signal Scanner Pointing to an outer wall or inner wall?  Are there trees or buildings in the way?

Make Sure Your Signal Is Not Blocked


Outer Wall With No Obstacles
The Signal Scanner is pointing to an outer wall with no other rooms between the TV and the Towers. There are no trees, buildings, apartments or large homes between you and the signal towers.

Blocked By Inner Walls
The Signal Scanner is Pointing to an inner wall and the rooms stand in between TV antenna and the Towers. Your house is blocking the signal.

Blocked By Large Trees
The Signal Scanner App is Pointing to an outer wall but there are large trees, forested areas, hills or obstacles blocking the signal from clearly getting through.

Blocked by Large Buildings
The Signal Scanner is pointing to an outer wall but there are apartments or large building obstructing a direct signal from the Towers.

Get Your WatchFree HDTV Antenna

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Watch your favorite top rated network shows all for Free including live sports, local news, weather and much more.


Hassle Free Warranty

All WatchFreeHDTV Antenna’s have a 2 year unconditional money back guarantee. 


Uncompressed HD Quality

Our Antenna’s are designed to receive the highest quality signal, uncompressed.  You won’t believe how clear the HD can be.


Save over $1000 per year

Did you know that the average cable bill is over $100 per month.  Cut the Cord, Over the Air (OTA) TV is completely free and always has been.


Ultra Thin Design

All WatchFreeHDTV Antenna’s are ultra thin and lightweight if you want to hang them on a window or wall.


Program Guides are Free

Features like on screen program guide are Free thru Digital Broadcasting, this way you know when your favorite shows are on.

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